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Young Child Exploring a Picture Book
best education approach

Reggio Emilia, Steiner or Montessori, which holistic approach is best?

In recent years the focus in Early Childhood Education is on a holistic approach to education. Montessori, Steiner, and Reggio Emilia are all holistic approaches  with a focus on educating the whole child. These philosophies have had a profound impact on Early Childhood Education. As parents and educators, we owe it to ourselves and our children, to explore what we believe about Education and how children learn best.

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Motivate a disinterested child by encouraging creativity outdoors.e

Simple steps to motivate a disinterested child.

Motivating a disinterested child can be particularly challenging for a teacher or parent. Some children don’t ask questions, they don’t seem engaged in learning and it appears that there is nothing that creates a spark in their eyes. Being disinterested is a huge stumbling block to learning and must be overcome if we are to nurture the next generation of problem solvers and great thinkers.

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Child researching Covid on Computer surrounded by books

Covid -19 Highlighting a Lack of Curiosity and Providing Learning Opportunities

Not only has Covid caused much distress in all our lives, but it has also highlighted the lack of curiosity and desire for information from many. Over the past several weeks I have been astounded, dismayed, and frustrated at the general lack of curiosity not only in the children I teach as I try to cajole them into asking questions and explore their strengths, abilities and thinking about themselves and the world around them, but in adults too.

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Fostering Curiosity in Children exploring puddles

Wet Weather Learning

Wet weather presents unique opportunities for children to learn both indoors and outdoors. Explore some options to keep children happy and learning on a rainy day.

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