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Welcome to Ed’s Lessons, an idea that was born during Covid lockdown! It quickly became apparent during Covid that parents everywhere needed direction and assurance to help them guide their kids’ learning whilst away from a traditional classroom setting. Ed’s Lessons aims to provide parents with helpful tips and advice on how to create an environment that allows for the whole child to develop and thrive whilst learning through everyday experiences that nurture curiosity and a love for learning.

I have taught High School students and Early Childhood both here in Perth Australia, and internationally. After more than a decade in Early Childhood, I have now taken on a role as a specialist Health and Well-Being Teacher. I am also a mother to two sons, both now young adults. Please know that all the information and advice provided on these pages are my own opinion and based on my own experience as an educator and mother.

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Welcome to Ed’s Lessons where you will find helpful lessons and tips on positive parenting and nurturing inquiring minds and curiosity in children.

I’m an experienced Early Childhood educator, maker, creative and lifelong learner based in Perth Australia. I’m also a parent to two sons, both now young adults.

I’m a passionate advocator for inquiry-based learning and Nature Pedagogy – a way of teaching with and in nature. It is often difficult to follow this type of pedagogy in a traditional setting, but not impossible! There are ways and means! I am inspired by nature every day and witness children thrive when they are nurtured to inquire, explore and interact with nature. Nature is also the perfect antidote to stress and the perfect place for growing calm happy children and adults. ☺


Edwina Cottino

I’m a passionate advocate for inquiry-based learning. Inquiry learning is real life learning. It’s about exploring, hypothesizing, questioning, and trying out new ways of doing things. It’s about creativity and problem solving. Inquiry is not a separate subject, but a way of learning. I would go so far as to say that it’s a way of life! Inquiry and curiosity are interwoven, one cannot exist without the other. If we want our children to thrive in education, whether that be in a traditional school setting, or in our own homes, then we need to cultivate curiosity.

 The natural world provides the perfect springboard for cultivating inquiring minds and curiosity in children and adults alike, as does a classroom, our homes, our kitchens, and our own backyards! It is wherever children are encouraged to ask questions, find answers, experiment, and delve into the things that interest them.

Whether you are a teacher, a home-schooling parent or just looking for ways to engage your children and help them thrive, Ed’s Lessons can help you grow happy, resilient, curious kids that love learning!


Please join me in creating a thriving community where curiosity and the natural world are valued, and together, we can set an example for our children that being curious is the first step to lifelong learning!


“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” – Albert Einstein

Child with leaves in hand

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