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Teaching Kids to Love Learning

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Do you worry about children’s lack of enthusiasm or readiness for learning?

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Are you overwhelmed at the prospect of teaching young children and want to learn how to design and implement hands-on learning experiences that inspire curiosity and simultaneously satisfy curriculum requirements?

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Do you need advice and activities to help children develop foundational skills in readiness for learning or formal schooling?

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Do you want to learn how to better engage children through integrated, inquiry-based learning activities that combine multiple curriculum areas, making learning more relevant for you and your learners?

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Do you wish that someone would just give you the lessons and activities you need to get kids excited about learning, and simultaneously meet curriculum guidelines?

If you answered


to any of these questions,

I invite you to stick around.

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Strategies that Inspire a Love for Learning

Welcome to Ed's Lessons

As parents and educators, (parents ARE a child’s first educator) we find ourselves worrying about our children’s health, well-being and learning. We want them to be happy and succeed at whatever they choose to do. We want to make sure that when they start school, whether that’s at home or at a school, that they are ready, and have the necessary skills to succeed. We want to help them cope not only with the challenges that formal learning brings, but with a future where they will need to be independent and creative thinkers, problem solvers and great communicators. As parents and educators we want to see children thrive, love learning, be curious, ask questions and be happy. Right?

I will help you,

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Cultivate foundational reading, writing and language skills through engaging hands-on activities that prepare kids for kindergarten and beyond.

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Foster a sense of wonder and curiosity by encouraging children to ask questions and explore their interests, through age-appropriate inquiry helping them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Provide a stimulating learning environment with engaging and age-appropriate books, and resources to encourage creativity and critical thinking.

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Help kids learn in a way that is in tune with their natural love for nature and play through hands-on activities that build their problem solving, resilience and creativity so that they are confident learners.

About Me

Hi, I'm Edwina

I’m a passionate and experienced early childhood educator who helps parents, carers and inexperienced educators go from overwhelmed and confused about how to best help young children learn and prepare for the demands of  schooling, to being clear, confident and knowledgeable about creating environments and experiences that help kids thrive and feel excited and confident in their learning.

Ed’s Lessons is my contribution to help create a world where young children are nurtured to be the future creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, and lovers of learning.

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Practical Tips & Ideas

Your Teaching Partner

Using picture books and children’s natural curiosity about nature as a springboard for learning, I will help and guide you integrate learning and curiosity into your everyday experiences, ensuring that children develop the necessary cognitive and physical skills to set them up for success.

Ed’s Lessons is your learning and teaching partner removing your stress and providing you with the support, resources and ideas to ensure the children in your care are well prepared for kindergarten and beyond. With my teaching expertise, and passion for instilling curiosity and a love for learning in children, and your dedication and love, your children are sure to face their learning challenges with confidence and enthusiasm!

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If you want to provide your children with engaging experiences that will allow them to grow their curiosity, and skills to tackle the challenges of kindergarten and beyond, then stick with me.

I’ve got you covered!

Free Guide

How to encourage curiosity

Curiosity is the spark that ignites a child’s passion for exploring the world, and it’s a trait that can be nurtured through everyday experiences.

 In this practical guide, we’ll unlock the secrets to developing curiosity naturally in kids, using simple and accessible strategies that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routines.

Free e-guide How to encourage natural curiosity
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